Warehouse manager job description

Warehouse manager job description

Warehouse manager job description

This post include is contents of Warehouse manager job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of Warehouse manager.

I/ Duties of Warehouse manager

You can ref some duties/responsibilities of Warehouse manager as follows:

1. Organize all activities & assign jobs accordingly for staff.

2. Setup layout & space management; work organization chart; procedures such as SOP, 5S.

3. Manage stock control: the self-assured receipt, storage, retrieval and timely delivery of goods; shipment loading & transferring; document recording and data entry into system.

4. Planning, Organizing and Controlling of Warehouse’ over-all operations.

5. Constantly plan out all warehouse resources and activities in relation to company objectives and set targets.

6. Make plans to develop staffs of warehouse by internal/on-job training.

7. Follow up & control daily absence and over time.

8. Ensure that workplace’s health and safety requirements are met and take responsibility for the security of the building and stock.

9. Maintain housekeeping of warehouse and surrounding area.

10. Issue Inventory report, IN/OUT status report, dead stock report, goods age report, consumption report, manpower status report to Logistics Manager.

11. Follow up ERP grogram against with actual activities.

12. Implement cost reduction principle in all aspects of warehouse transactions and activities.

13. Writing and balancing daily bank deposits.

14. Creation of daily work logs and transmission of same to corporate.

15. Audit of daily labor and billing reports.

16. Improvement & development of warehouse.

17. Promote constant motivation among staff to strive for an efficient and effective warehouse administration.

18. Promote constant motivation among staff to strive for an efficient and effective warehouse administration._ Enhance subordinates’ well being and capability through training and give opportunities for promotion.

19. Always research to improve all warehouse operations according to company’s objectives.

20. Scheduling of personnel based on client-supplied schedules.

21. Negotiation of rates with common carrier representatives.

22. Running shift with safety and efficiency as priorities.

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  1. Tks for this post. What are KPIs for warehouse?

  2. Thanks for posting this. This is a great way in developing our people. It is true that we not only need a system, but also implementation. You must be able to help your people (employees) do the system or everything will be no good.

  3. Warehouse Managers surely have a lot of job. Having a warehouse management software is a great way to save time, be more efficient, and cost effective.

  4. regolo arong jr. on July 6th, 2010 at 12:02 am

    thnx. for the info! Please explain how will you handle efficient warehousing? Did you consider subinventories & stock locator in your inventory organization? What about hardpiling of stocks such as raw materials, How did they conduct physical inventory?

  5. v.good questions and answeres

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