Sample performance appraisal

Sample performance appraisal


Sample performance appraisal form

I/ Employee information:

1. Employee Name
2. Position:
3. Department
4. Division
5. Date of Joining
6. Period of Review
7. Purpose of job

II/ Rating scale:

1. Out Standing – 5
2. Commendable – 4
3. Meets Expectations – 3
4. Developmental – 2
5. Below Expectations – 1
6. Not Applicable – NA

III/ Self Appraisal

To be filled in by appraisee before his performance is assessed.

1.Is it possible for you to improve upon your target/ areas for the next half year. If so, which target / area and to what extent.

2.In order to achieve enhance target / performance, what action and priority plan do you purpose to have.

3.In your view; what are the major contribution made by you in the Organization during the period under review.

4.In order to achieve enhanced target/ performance, what help you need from the organization.

5.Which are your personal problems which are likely to come in your way in achieving the enhanced targets/performance?

6.Strength of Appraisee

7.Areas of improvement of Appraisee

8.Suggestions of improvement

IV/ Appraisal by line manager

1. Quality of Work

• Reliabilities
• Accuracy or Precision
• Throughness / neatness
• Responsiveness to requests for service
• Follow-Through/Follow-up
• Judgment /Decision making

2. Quantity of Work

• Priority Setting
• Amount of work completed
• Work Completed on Schedule

3. Technical Skills

• Job Knowledge
• Analyzes Problem
• Provides suggestions for work improvement
• Follows proper safety procedure

4. Approach to work

• Planning & Organization
• Flexible / adoptable
• Challenges status processes in appreciate ways
• Attendance
• Actively seeks ways to streamline process
• Open to new ideas and approaches

5. Special Comments

Name of the Head:
Signature with date

V/ Appraisal by HR Department

1. Interpersonal Skill

• With co-workers
• With Superior
• With Junior
• Team Participation

2. Communication Skill

• Written Expression
• Oral Expression
• Share information willingly
• Tact & Diplomatic

3. General Performance

• Working Time
• Behavior
• Response to the order
• Tact & Diplomatic

4. Overall Performance

• Working Time
• Behavior
• Response to the order
• Tact & Diplomatic

5. Action Plans/training

6. Special Comments

Name of the Head:
Signature with date

VI/ Employee Comments

I have read and discussed these evolutions with consent persons & understand its contents. My signature means that I have been advised of my performance status and does not necessarily imply that I agree with either the performance review or the contents.


VII/ General conclusion:

Overall Performance by:

1. Head of the Department
2. Human Resources Department
3. Vice President

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