Project controller job description

Project controller job description

Project controller job description

Job purpose of Project controller is to ensures the project management function operates efficiently by managing (or comparable project management software) tools and data, and other relevant software, and by providing master data stewardship.

Key duties/responsibilities of Project controller:

1. Project Controller for project, program and portfolio management as part of the Program Management Office and Operations.
2. Provides computer input and performs analytical review of reports generated.
3. Accumulates and accesses historical data, such as performance experience, for use in maintaining a realistic basis for future planning and forecasting.
4. Explain how to use tools and processes to accomplish core PM activities. Provide expertise and act as a resource to the team on “how to” apply the tools, processes and practices to the given project.
5. Provide formal and informal training on the tools, processes and best practices appropriate for the target individual or team.
6. Support teams locally as well as in certain other regions, including team members located internationally.
7. Routinely provides accurate cost routing documents and leads the cost routing process for capital projects.
8. Insure the tool administration and master data stewardship needs are known, owned and being done to support effective tool operation.
9. Develops and maintains critical path logic networks and bar charts utilizing this information.
10. Analyzes, evaluates, and forecasts current status against an established baseline schedule.
11. Assesses the impact of design or construction changes and schedule slippages.
12. Insure accuracy and completeness of master data including resource information; project, activity, and resource codes; enterprise project structure; security profiles; licensing information; etc.
13. Prepares graphs, diagrams, and other exhibits to illustrate cost status and forecast requirements for Project Management and client.
14. Performs analytical review and arithmetic checks of cost reporting documentation.
15. Implements and maintains the Planning/Scheduling portion of Integrated Project Control System.
16. Activities include establishing security for users and, in conjunction with the Research Primavera Administrator, configuring the tool’s global preferences.
17. Develops, implements and maintains cost control, and/or provides centralized planning and scheduling function for Capital & O&M, Operations, Maintenance and Special Projects.
18. Assists a Senior Project Controller with assigned segments of larger projects.
19. Participates in the development of the work breakdown structure, interfacing with Procurement, Engineering, and Finance Departments.
20. Prepares and processes input to the cost control system for all cost reports.
21. Develop an effective project plan template that can be utilized for schedule development, schedule control, and critical path analysis.
22. Advocate for Project Management improvement.
23. Influence project managers and team members to effectively use tools and processes.
24. Advocate good project management practices within work areas.
25. Participate in efforts to improve project or portfolio management, by proposing process or tool improvements, developing parts of processes, supporting process implementation.
26. Support use of and train project managers and teams in Project Management tools and processes.

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