Project analyst job description

Project analyst job description

Project analyst job description include key duties as follows:

1. Coordinates preparation internal and external reports through gathering, analyzing and summarizing data and information from the departments.

2. Prepares presentation materials for management reports.

3. Ensure that program expenses are charged correctly, and if not research and provide reasons for discrepancies.

4. Prepare monthly variance report with associated footnotes.

5. Evaluate and monitor the performance and efficiency of programs to ensure that program implementation is on target.

6. Monitor program revenue and expense reports, review for accuracy and completeness.

7. Develops, designs and establishes reporting standards for the company.

8. Develops online management reports and key performance parameters.

9. Work on overall project planning through reporting on project schedules and deliverable.

10. Work with program staff to prepare cost application and budgets for new business development.

11. Monitor program budgets by reviewing reports and program expenses to determine if allocated funds have been spent as specified.

12. Study assigned programs and understands donor requirements, program targets and goals.

13. Provide support to the departments by gathering and analyzing data in the establishment and/or maintenance of corporate business processes, procedures and policies.

14. Plan manage and monitor minor projects from concepts through implementation.

15. Provide support to the Project Manager in planning, managing, and monitoring major projects from concepts through implementation.

16. Assist with the preparation of a variety of reports covering budget status, forecast reports and other management reports.

17. Keep track of active program budgets and ensuring that program expenses are strictly monitored monthly and that monthly expenses are on target.

18. Assist in the initiation, conducting and coordinating of studies and analysis on resource allocation, financial program evaluation reviews; analyze programs to ensure that program financial goals and work plans are on target.

19. Assist in the preparation of long-term financial forecast of revenues and expenditure.

20. Assist in the preparation of program budget realignments.

21. Other duties as assigned.

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