Office coordinator job description

Office coordinator job description

Office coordinator job description

This post includes contents of job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of Office coordinator.

To set up Office coordinator job description, you should ref topics below:

5 steps to writer write an effective Office coordinator job description.

12 tips to write Office coordinator job description.

I. Sample duties/responsibilities of Office coordinator

You can ref some functions as follows:

1. Composes and prepares correspondence, invoices, reports, presentations, prepares minutes, and maintains appropriate files.
2. Demonstrates understanding & respect for age group, cultural & religious beliefs of clients, community & staff.
3. Purchase materials, services and equipment at the request of the project personnel, generate purchase orders and enter data into accounting system.
4. Maintain an accurate record for all inventory items (i.e., parts and materials).
5. Compiles office billing and charge reports for use within billing software.
6. Design, develop and implement required feedback and communication systems for field operations.
7. Communicate both informally and formally in scheduled meetings with management, subordinates and peers.
8. Enter and maintain daily backlog for billing purposes and update after billing is complete.
9. Compiles, prepares, and analyzes complex reports, proposals, to include assessments, care plan and visit orders and documents including but not limited to financial, statistical reports, and personnel records.
10. Contact clients to provide field operation support such as obtaining technical information, verifying schedules and receiving purchase orders.
11. Assure all contracts and bids are documented and delivered properly.
12. Supervises activities of the office staff (to include, but not limited to filing, telephone answering techniques, preparation of documents, record retention, duplication, faxing, mail distribution, and ordering of supplies).
13. Provides recommendations for department goals, policies and procedures, budgets, statistical reports, and process improvements.
14. Follow up on client inquiries and complaints.
15. Coordinates office projects to achieve efficient office flow and employee productivity, training, supplies, office equipment maintenance and repairs, housekeeping, facility maintenance/management.
16. Assigns, prioritizes, and distributes work assignments, and reviews work performed by office staff.
17. Implement project initialization and set-up, assigning project numbers, creating folders and project files.

Base on the above job description, you can set up: KPIs, KRAs, job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

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5 steps to writer write an effective Office coordinator job description.

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