Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire

Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire

Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) Short Form include 20 question as follows.

Employees are asked for answer questions by themselves.

There are 5 rating scales that include:

5 = Extremely Satisfied
4 = Very Satisfied
3 = Satisfied
2 = Somewhat Satisfied
1 = Not Satisfied

20 questions of Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) Short Form:

1. The chance to work alone on the job .
2. The chance to do different things from time to time.
3. The chance to be “somebody” in the community.
4. The chance to do things for other people.
5. The chance to tell people what to do.
6. The chance to try my own methods of doing the job.
7. The chance to do something that makes use of my abilities.
8. The chances for advancement on this job.
9. Being able to keep busy all the time
10. The competence of my supervisor in making decisions.
11. Being able to do things that don’t go against my conscience.
12. The way my job provides for steady employment.
13. The way company policies are put into practice.
14. The way my boss handles his/her workers.
15. The way my co-workers get along with each other.
16. My pay and the amount of work I do.
17. The freedom to use my own judgment.
18. The working conditions and environment.
19. The praise I get for doing a good job .
20. The feeling of accomplishment I get from the job.


• What is it that you like most in your job right now?

• What is it that you are not comfortable in your job right now?

• What do you need to improve your performance and productivity?

• Give at least three suggestions to improve the work environment in this company?

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  5. Yes, you can. Rgs

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    The MSQ is quite a handy tool to use within the workplace, as it appears to be very holistic in its approach. It is important for tools of this nature to touch on all the important facets within the workplace, in order to capture as much pertinent information as possible.

  7. Hi, I’m Pooja Khurana, a Research Scholar from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology,Hisar,Haryana,India pursuing Ph.D. research entitled ‘Employees’ Engagement And Job Satisfaction : A Study Of Financial Sector In India’.In my study,there is a need for a standard questionnaire like Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire,therefore I would like to ask you for permitting me to use this..sir can i use this in my study with your regard permission? Thanks, Pooja Khurana

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    Hello, I am a student at Christ University. I want to know as to which questions correspond to the intrinsic factors and the ones which correspond to the extrinsic factors in the MSQ. Can u please help me with that??

  33. Does anyone have another source for authorization to the MSQ short form…Doc Candidate Cobb

  34. My name is Rasnizi Cobb and I am a doctoral candidate in the Leadership Studies Department at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX. My dissertation focuses on the relationship between job satisfaction and leader member exchanges. I plan to examine these constructs amongst students, church members and mid-level to senior level managers in northeast Texas. The use of your instrument is critical to the success of my dissertation. I am asking for your approval to use the MSQ short-form. Respectfully, Rasnizi Cobb

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