Marketing job descriptions

Marketing job descriptions

22 Marketing job descriptions

Depending on the scale and field of business, marketing will include such functions as follows:

• Marketing strategies
• Digital marketing
• Promotion
• Branding
• Media
• Online marketing
• Marketing research
• Advertizing …

Therefore, job descriptions of marketing depend on specific fields and scales of marketing departments…

Samples / examples marketing job descriptions include job descriptions as follows

I. General marketing job descriptions

1. Marketing administrator

2. Marketing analyst

3. Marketing assistant

4. Marketing assistant manager

5. Marketing associate

6. Marketing chief officer

7. Marketing communications coordinator

8. Marketing communications director

9. Marketing communications manager

10. Marketing consultant

11. Marketing coordinator

12. Marketing director

13. Marketing executive

14. Marketing intern

15. Marketing manager

16. Marketing officer

17. Marketing rep

18. Marketing research

19. Marketing specialist

20. Marketing supervisor

21. Sales and marketing manager

22. VP marketing

II. Trade marketing job description

Trade marketing manager

III. Advertising job descriptions

• Advertising Assistant
• Advertising Director
• Marketing Advertising
• Advertising Coordinator
• Advertising Copywriter
• Advertising Manager
• Advertising Sales Manager
• Directory Advertising Sales Representative
• Advertising Sales Publisher
• Advertising Sales Representative

IV. Brand job description

Brand manager
Brand executive

V. Website content job description

Website content manager
Web content specialist

VI. Creative job description

Creative director
Copywriter job description
Graphic designer

VII. Public relations job description

Public relations manager
Public relations officer

VIII. Events job description

Event manager
Event coordinator

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