Logistics specialist job description

Logistics specialist job description

Logistics specialist job description

This post include is contents of job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of Logistics specialist.

Job purpose of Logistics specialist is to provide support for logistics management tasks such as supportability analysis, documentation, logistics statistical data/analysis, logistics support programs, progress assessment, test plan assessment, support-related testing, supply support, supportability analysis, logistics data, logistics support deficiencies, maintenance analysis, spares/equipment/personnel requirements, demonstration models, retrofits, warranties, research, warranty plans, implementation and cost versus benefits analysis.

I. Sample functions of Logistics specialist

You can ref some functions as follows:

1. Translates knowledge of these functional elements into the hardware and software system design and the support system required to field and maintain these systems.

2. Aids in evaluating and establishing logistics support analysis.

3. Assists in the logistic support planning and scheduling process.

4. Assists in planning, coordinating and scheduling retrofit actions.

5. Experienced and knowledgeable in the acquisition logistics and systems acquisition processes.

6. Utilizes experience and knowledge to ensure logistics support requirements are designed into acquisition programs by separately or collectively working issues involving the logistics elements

7. Assists in reviewing and evaluating Government Furnished Equipment/Property (GFE/P) requirements that are proposed by the prime contractor or by potential bidders in the RFP process.

8. Maintains accountability records and databases for GFE/P employed in developmental and production contracts and assists in disposal of GFE/P.

9. Assists in research, acquisition and tracking of GFE/P during all phases of the program life cycle.

10. Monitors prime contractor performance in executing the Technical Order (TO) process and assists in evaluating technical order products.

11. Provides advice and assistance in preparing TO inputs to the RFP/contract

12. Supports the Government Team at the facility management help desk by maintaining and updating a centralized work order database, identifying and tracking facility and custodial discrepancies, and advises and assists in discrepancy resolution.

13. Researches purchase information for items to be purchased using the Government Purchase Card (GPC) and researches GFP required in support of assigned organizations.

14. Reviews and tracks logistics milestones, drafts briefings, reviews logistics CDRL deliverables for accuracy; researches transportation data on Global Transportation Network.

15. Collaborates with depot on surveillance plans, life cycle analysis initiatives, support validations and verifications and reliability asset monitoring systems and tactical missile records systems.

16. preparation process, and assists in finalizing TO contractual requirements.

17. Advises and assists technical writers/editors to write Government-developed technical orders.

18. Advises and assists in on-site Office Supply Store management, building custodian responsibilities and management associated with use of a Government vehicle.

19. Assists in collecting, securing and destruction (shredding) of Government classified and sensitive data (i.e., competition sensitive, For Official Use Only, etc.).

Base on the above job description, you can set up: KPIs, KRAs, job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

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