Logistics coordinator job description

Logistics coordinator job description

Logistics coordinator job description

This post include is contents of job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of Logistics coordinator.

Job purpose of Logistics coordinator is responsible for supervising the forklift drivers, coordinating the shipping and receiving of finished goods and raw material to and from the plant and the delivery of raw material and pickup of finished goods.

I. Sample functions of Logistics coordinator

You can ref some functions as follows:

Job description sample 1:

1. Utilize various transportation provider software systems, to facilitate material movement planning and scheduling.

2. Prepare and update monthly logistics, schedule to assure deliveries to production locations. Coordinate product delivery schedules with customers.

3. Coordinate daily activity to track location and movement of inventory finished goods and raw materials via rail cars, barges, and trucks. Provide reports to internal and external customers as required.

4. Assist in obtaining necessary transportation permits for inbound coal and outbound coke shipments, as required to facilitate timely movements via rail and barge.

5. Works closely with providers to assure efficient and effective execution of defined processes and goods transportation;

6. Ensures inventory accuracy by coordinating the inventories and goods system to system information with distribution centers to near real time monitoring of EDI processes as well as other manual inventory and adjustment processes;

7. Organizes and maintains hard copy and electronic documentation supporting order fulfillment, distribution means, pricing, and contractual obligations,

8. Codes, and prepares proper paperwork for billing and authorization of a variety of invoices per defined processes,

9. Initiates overcharge/undercharge freight bill claims with carriers and tracks reconciliation of the same per regulatory standards,

10. Re-routes freight as needed to meet demands and minimize costs

11. Initiates shrink threshold and loss claims with warehouse providers and tracking reconciliation of the same per contract standards,

12. Ensures accuracy of physical inventory order sequence by entering inter-company purchase orders and inter-company transfers into the system following defined processes,

13. Verifies accuracy of physical inventory when needed,

14. Answers questions regarding sourcing from internal and external customers as needed,

15. Assist in the administration of supply agreements for rail, barge, and truck carriers.

16. Overview performance of third party material handling services.

17. Coordinate with operating department to manage inventory levels at multiple plant locations

18. Support the development, implementation, and execution of the Structured Management Process for Supply Chain critical process.

19. Provide project development support to multiple departments within the organization.

20. Ensure compliance with all state, federal, environmental, safety, and hazardous waste regulations.

21. Assist in the preparation of PowerPoint presentations

22. Special project support as required.

23. Verifies inventory locations and availability for shipment against requirements specified in purchase orders;

24. Reviews inventory position daily and weekly against outstanding orders and sales forecasts and takes action to expedite inbound shipments to meet customer demands;

25. Works with supervisor to effectively resolve inventory or order discrepancies that are outside of his or her control;

26. Ensures that goods are shipped in the most timely and efficient manner according to documented processes, including planning the transportation route and payload, selecting the mode of transportation, tendering the order for transportation, and tracking the shipment from pick up through delivery all the while targeting cost reduction, freight savings, service and contractual requirements;

27. Assembles load fragments into consolidated loads thus balancing freight savings, service and contractual / legal requirements;

28. Communicates fulfillment status and / or issues within the Organization to points including Demand / Supply Planning, Logistics Management, Sales, and Customer Service;

Job description sample 2:

1. Complete accurate and timely scheduling and dispatching of trucks and rail cars to ensure that the flow of product in and out meets customer demands.

2. Track shipments from pickup through delivery so that accurate, up-to-date information can be provided regarding any shipment.

3. Negotiate with transportation providers to obtain best rates and service

4. Create and monitor transportation provider benchmark system to measure service levels.

5. Receive and process transportation requirement requests from customers.

6. Participate in Logistics projects by managing new initiatives as they arise.

7. Creation and maintain daily, weekly and monthly statistics.

8. Monitoring of benchmarks and identification of trends and problems.

9. Active involvement with problem-solving of issues presented.

10. Filing and administrative duties as required.

Job description sample 3:

1. Provide exceptional customer service by developing good working relationships with the customers.

2. Proactively handle customer shipment routing requests.

3. Prepare load-build reports as requested by the customer.

4. Maintain customer / carrier profiles & tariffs within i2 TMS & TPS.

5. Resolve customer problems & complaints to ensure customer satisfaction.

6. Create & develop innovative ways of streamlining the operations processes wherever possible within the guidelines of customer requirements & team goals.

7. Assist & support Lead Logistics Coordinator & Logistics Manager whenever & however needed.

8. Complete or assist with miscellaneous projects as needed.

9. Provide support to other Logistics Teams as needed & interact with other departments to respond to their needs.

Base on the above job description, you can set up: KPIs, KRAs, job objectives/goals, job standards/requirements, job specifications/qualifications.

If you need more free Logistics coordinator job description forms/templates/formats in details, please leave comments at the end of this post. You also can re-write this form in pdf/word file.

II. Logistics coordinator job qualifications:

1. 3 -5 years of work experience in the Freight Forwarding or Public Warehousing Industry

2. At least 3 years in a Customer Service capacity with a Third Party Distribution Industry

3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

4. Very good communication skills (telephone and email) are essential

5. Team player with proven ability to work well under pressure and CONSTANT deadlines

6. Problem Solving skills with the ability to seek alternative solutions for dilemmas and problems

7. Strong attention to detail with excellent follow-up

8. Working knowledge of Microsoft office Products, especially Outlook and Excel

9. Professional aptitude, presentation and demeanor

10. Detail-oriented

11. Can quickly learn new skills

12. Prior International or Export experience preferred

13. Teamwork – showing a commitment to teamwork and collaboration.

14. Respect – extending dignity and respect to all people.

15. Integrity – fostering trust and a positive work environment.

16. Innovation – bringing creativity to the workplace.

17. Customer Focus – achieving Company, department, and personal goals through a strong customer focus.

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