Job specification

Job specification

Job Specification

1. Job specification definition

Job Specification is a description of specific knowledge, skills and abilities that are required to perform the job. Job Specification is defined as the summary of minimum requirements for a person to apply for the job.

2. How to design a job specification?

A typical job specification contains competencies, which are defined as essential or desirable knowledge or skills that a candidate should have.

Most common competencies are:

• Physical attributes (health, age…)

• Education level (education degree, certificate or diploma)

• Aptitudes or abilities (verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning…)

• Interests or Hobbies (social activities, sports…)

• Additional details (willing to work overtime, full time or part time)

Sample / example of job specifications are popular with organizations, manager, human resource department, incumbents. This information will help you develop effective job specifications.

3. Job spec examples

You can use free sample / example job specifications as follows:

Human resources job specification

Administrative job specification

Sales job specification

Marketing job specification

Accountant job specification

Financial job specification

Executive job specification

Project job specification

Quality assurance job specification

Production job specification

Purchasing job specifications

IT job specifications

Health care job specifications

Insurance job specifications

Bank job specifications

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