Financial assistant job description

Financial assistant job description

Financial assistant job description

This post include is contents of job profile/tile such as: job purpose, key duties/responsibilities/tasks and related documents of Financial assistant.

I. Sample functions of Financial assistant

You can ref some functions as follows:

1. To investigate and answer routine queries arising from Budget Holders, Management and other Finance staff as well as external bodies (including the Inland Revenue, other Trusts, Reporting agencies and suppliers).

2. To be aware of Trust policy and relevant legislation (principally the Data Protection Act) with regard to Client confidentiality and communicate appropriately.

3. To develop and maintain a good knowledge of the Trust’s processes and procedures and the accounting system relating to the activities of a section of the Finance directorate (see sections below).

4. To have knowledge and awareness of the application of relevant national accounting standards and NHS Finance Initiatives e.g. Payment by Results, Agenda For Change, etc.

5. To attend finance meetings and document key information and decisions as required.

6. To apply basic accounting knowledge and techniques to all areas of work, including the production of journals, routine costing and variance analysis.

7. To perform financial calculations to support financial transactions relating to a section of the finance directorate.

8. To analyze basic financial information in response to queries from Managers, suppliers and customers.

9. To identify and resolve errors and discrepancies.

10. To be able to process high volumes of information while also evaluating the data’s relevance for inclusion in costing and other reports.

11. To plan, organize and manage own workload to ensure your contribution to the Trust’s monthly financial reporting process is achieved in a timely and accurate manner.

12. To input accounting data into the accounting system with speed and accuracy.

13. To be aware of the needs of patients within the Hospital environment and to act courteously at all times.

14. To be responsible for following national NHS Accounting guidelines and relevant legislation as incorporated in the established internal policies and procedures of the Trust.

15. To suggest changes to internal department procedures as identified and be involved in the continuous improvement development of processes.

16. Monitors and contributes to the drawing up of budgets during the yearly budget setting process.
17. Collates and records cheque payments and/or cash as received.

18. To provide induction training to new Finance trainees and demonstrate own activities.

19. To create, develop and maintain accounting spreadsheets used in the Finance function.

20. Assist in the upkeep of department journal logs, database of budgeted staff costs and recharges.

21. To maintain departmental storage and retrieval systems.

22. To undertake periodic audit of own work and report on areas of possible improvement.

23. To be guided by standard procedures, good practice & precedents and is expected to understand what results or outputs are required.

24. To ensure that work is performed in accordance with Trust processes and procedures and to refer to line managers for guidance as required.

25. To spend significant periods of the working day sitting at a workstation inputting and viewing data (in excess of ¾ of the working day).

26. To be able to work in a busy office environment, demanding high levels of concentration while inputting, checking and making calculations, while also coping with frequent interruptions, e.g. responding to staff/customer enquires.

27. To sometimes work long and irregular hours in order to meet the finance accounting service commitment to internal and external clients, taking into account any staff sickness or absences.

28. To occasionally deal with potentially distressed staff and budget holders in a calm and professional manner.

29. To maintain a pleasant outward disposition.

30. To more or less continually use a VDU and a keyboard for much of each day for the purposes of communication and work completion.

31. Infrequent requirement to retrieve documents from a storage area that is likely to be less clean than a typical modern office environment.

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