Finance director job description

Finance director job description

Financial / finance director job description

Job purpose of finance director is to be responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of company operations. Provide leadership and coordination in the administrative, business planning, accounting and budgeting efforts of the company.

I. Key duties of finance director

1. Staff management

• Supervise the grants administration staff person and the accounting office staff lead.
• Provide for appropriate career building and professional development activities to ensure a climate of growth for all employee groups. Consider future opportunities for staff both within the institute and the university.
• Routinely monitor workplace for areas where growth is needed or possible and where existing resources can be further enhanced.

2. Cash and risk management

• Manage ongoing banking relationships for maximum efficiency.
• Develop cash flow forecasting and maintain a long term cash forecast.
• Responsible for the management of the foundation’s insurance and risk management program.
• Oversee the annual insurance renewal process and ensure appropriate coverage is maintained at all times.
• Ensure appropriate legal review of contracts and solicit external legal advice as required. Review finance of preferred vendors.

3. Accounting and financial controls

• Manage the payroll function ensuring efficient systems, process and controls.
• Manage the financial system, ensuing maximum productivity and that it meets the needs of the business today and the future.
• Oversee the continuous improvement of accounting and financial processes and the development of the team with the goal to achieve best practices and optimal output.
• Develop and oversee accounting policies and procedures to meet both current and future business models.
• Oversee the external audit, review and analyze results and recommend for approval the audited financial statements.
• Prepare the financial section of the annual report.
• Oversee the cash management function, including banking relationships.
• Ensure the foundation is in compliance with all internal policies and relevant regulations and ensure filings are completed in a timely manner.
• Develop and oversee the internal review function to ensure that finance and operations controls and policies are complied with in the provincial and field offices. Ensure effective follow up processes are in place.

4. Leadership

• Ensure the team delivers the highest standard of departmental, cross departmental and cross foundation teamwork and customer service.
• Ensure optimal deployment of resources to achieve business goals.
• Develop finance and accounting team goals that are fully aligned with the foundation goals.
• Lead and coach the team to recruit and retain high caliber staff.
• Provide coaching, guidance and support, set professional development plans to assist employees to reach their full potential through the performance management process.

5. Management reporting

• Responsible for financial management reporting for the foundation.
• Present monthly and year-to-date financials with accompanying analysis of results.
• Develop regular reporting and analysis, including key metrics reports, and conduct ad hoc financial analysis as required.
• Ensure financial management reporting tolls and processes are in place to support the ongoing and future needs of the business.
• Develop and prepare a monthly management reporting package.

6. Budgeting

• Lead the annual business plan development and budgeting process.
• Provide ongoing financial modeling and analysis expertise to business partners.
• Lead the financial modeling and analysis to support the development of long term strategic initiatives and business plans.
• Lead the quarterly outlook process.

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