Construction project engineer job description

Construction project engineer job description include key duties/responsibilities

1. Preparing complete, accurate and timely submittal logs for construction projects based on project drawings and specifications.

2. Accountable for receiving approved submittals from Architect or Engineer and notifying the Project Superintendent of potential schedule impact.

3. Assist Project Manager by preparing all necessary back up relating to change requests.

4. Responsible for timely completion of all required project close-out documents per contract.

5. Distribute contract documents to subcontractors, including drawings, specifications, and general conditions. Include any accepted alternates or addendums with documents.

6. Distribute final requirement documentation to subcontractors and bookkeeper

7. Schedule all required construction meetings with required personnel , subcontractors, architects and owners

8. Take accurate and complete meeting minutes and distribute timely

9. Attend Owner/Architect pre-bid, project and closeout meetings,

10. Solicit subcontractors and suppliers for proposal prior to proposal submission time.

11. Review/ negotiate contract with Owner and Operations Manager and prepare contract for Vice-president to sign.

12. Submit request for surety bond(s) and insurance certificates. Submit with signed contract to Owner.

13. Prepare correspondence with Owner, Architect, Engineers, Subcontractors, Suppliers, etc. Examples of referenced correspondence include, but not confined to the following items: Schedule of Values, project schedule, memos, request for informations, transmittals and submittals.

14. Submit building permit application, follow-up on review progress and receive upon approval. Submit Check Request to Finance for associated fees according to Check Request procedures.

15. During Construction Phase, proactively manage project to achieve quality, schedule, budget and safety. Utilize and maintain tools: schedule and document management to track and record project performance.

16. Maintain customer (Owner, Architect, Engineer, Subcontractor, Supplier, Public Official and TRG Employees) relations and conduct project meetings. Ensure prompt payment from Owner and payment to Subcontractor and Suppliers occurs according to percentage complete timely upon receipt from Owner.

17. Document quality and progress of each Subcontractor and Suppliers. Update Subcontractors and Suppliers of any changes to the plans, specifications and/or schedule.

18. Inform management of productivity, costs, quality control, document management and processing of applications for payment. Notify management of any issues that arise which affects quality, budget, progress and safety.

19. Monitor staffing needs, evaluate performance, address employee relation issues as warranted for staff.

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