Bar manager job description

Bar manager job description

This article includes content: Bar manager key duties/responsibilities and related documents of Bar manager.

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I. Key duties of bar manager:

1. Bar Supervision:

• To set good example for the staff with regard to punctuality, attendance, attitude and hygiene.
• To liase with the Human Resources Manager regarding
recruitment needs, and to carry out interviews as required.
• To train new staff in methods and procedures.
• To implement Grievance and Disciplinary procedures where necessary, and report all serious breaches of discipline to Operations Manager, General Manager.
• To promote and practice relevant health and safety and fire safety standards.
• To provide induction training for new staff, and complete Skills Checklists within their first month of employment.
• To assess training needs and provide relevant training.
• To hold regular departmental meetings.
• To direct, control and organize the assistant bar manager and all staff within your direct span of control and to ensure that the required standards are achieved and maintained.
• To advise staff of unavailability, composition of dishes, information relation to drinks, wines, etc., and any other relevant information in order to ensure the efficient operation of the Bar.

2. Bar Productivity:

• To carry out ordering of supplies as and when necessary.
• To carry out accurate cash-up procedures at end of night.
• To liase with HODs of Kitchen and other Departments regarding procedures, service, etc.
• To be informed and aware of all relevant legislation regarding service of liquor, the sale of tobacco, opening hours, etc.
• To be responsible for ensuring that security procedures are adhered to throughout the hotel.
• To communicate regularly and efficiently with Assistant Bar Manager and HODs
• To constantly strive to improve the standards of hygiene and service throughout the bar.
• To maintain and/or implement new efficient and effective work methods and systems.
• To prepare and issue, according to bar practice, staff rotas which will provide adequate cover in the most effective manner.

3. Cost Control of Bar:

• To ensure all deliveries are checked in correctly and that all relevant delivery dockets/ invoices are correct.
• To ensure that all services delivered within the bar operation are being charged for correctly by
• To continually monitor three beverage stock items per week, and communicate any shortages to the General Manager.
• To practice economy and to minimize any incorrect usage of any resources with particular attention given to achieving G.P %/Labor % and minimizing variable expenses.
• To regularly price check all beverage items bought for the operation, to ensure that we are buying at the best prices available.

4. Quality of Bar Service:

• To satisfy all customer requirements by ensuring that the service is constantly maintained at a consistently high standard with particular focus on regular clientele in the Public Bar.

5. Bar hygiene:

• To practice high standards of personal hygiene at all times in terms of grooming and uniform.
• To maintain the required standards of operational hygiene according to the cleaning rotas at all times.

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