Are you applying for other jobs? - Interview answers

Are you applying for other jobs? – Interview answers

Are you applying for other jobs?

1. Answer structure:

I am applying in company A, company B and the jobs here. Among all, I am interested in this position because:

Give 1 – 3 reasons to show your interest.

2. Answer tips

• This question is to see how interested you are in the applying position.

• Do not say that you have plenty of chances to be selected unless you are outstandingly talented.

• Show that you are very interested in the opportunity to work here, and how much you have learnt about the job and the company as well.

• Do not mention the applying positions of other careers. For example: you are applying to the position of HR manager and also to Office Manager. Or you are applying to the position of Business Manager and also to Retail Supermarket Manager.

• Never say that I am only applying for this position. This answer is unreliable.

3. Answer samples

Uh! To be honest, Yes, I am! I’ve been searching for a suitable job in a suitable organization that my knowledge and skills can be fit in. And now, I have found it. This is really the best opportunity for me to be able to working with your company.
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