Administrative director job description

Administrative director job description

Administrative director job description

Job purpose of Administrative director

To directs, plans, coordinates and supervises the operation and activities of a specialized unit or small department; develops and implements policies and procedures, administers the budget, organizes tasks and sets priorities. Serves as liaison with university personnel and community at large.

Key duties/responsibilities of Administrative director:

1. Overseeing all administrative activities of the campus, ensuring that all work processes are maximized for efficiency.
2. Acts as research administrator for research projects. Performs research budgeting; pre- and post-award administration; technology transfer administration; research space planning.
3. Setting financial objectives as well as tracking organization performance against objectives.
4. Leading the development and tracking of budgeting process for departments and projects.
5. Oversees all other administrative functions such as information technology, capital equipment planning and management; general procurement; payroll and accounting.
6. Helping to build and manage an autonomous campus that can eventually become self-sufficient location.
7. Provides travel coordination for all faculty, guests, and staff visiting the US or international locations.
8. Coordinates faculty and staff recruitment. Assists in faculty reporting and productivity standards.
9. Instilling a high level of customer services in all administrative functions, and improving relations with current and prospective students and families.
10. Oversees staff assigned to day-to-day administrative operations of the division. Supervises individual departments within Epi division administration: accounting, logistics, faculty support and travel.
11. Recruits, selects, evaluates, and trains all administrative staff. Responsible for recruiting, evaluating, and training staff.
12. Drawing upon significant experience and skills as an organizational leader in higher education to create and foster teamwork throughout the local campus, and within the school as a whole.
13. Coordinates the development of the annual divisional budget; develops grant budgets, negotiates, coordinates and administers grants and contracts.
14. Acts as a facilitator in balancing the needs of the program and is responsible for all divisional budgeting, approving expenditures, development and analysis of budget variances.
15. Leading the campus and the school in the development and implementation of long-range growth plans.
16. Overseeing the maintenance and improvement of campus facilities and security.
17. Responsible for achieving financial objectives of the division. Responsible for reconciling and funding international affiliate and administering the Payment Authorization Agreement.
18. Building a highly skilled academic and administrative staff to achieve the school’s mission.
19. Liaising with faculty on all administrative issues, including compensation, scheduling, student issues, and others.

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