Account manager job description

Account manager job description

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I. Key duties of account manager:

1. Prepare and maintain scorecard data and develop strategy to enhance the motivation at work;

2. Check and identify accounts that are likely to become a bad debt or “zero balance” account and contact the clients to retain them;

3. Develop relationships with loyal clients; ask for their feedbacks and provide feedbacks to the marketing units for purpose of enhancing the quality of service;

4. Provide assistance in relation to classifying the efficiency level at work, determining sale space and developing the qualification of units;

5. Ensure clients’ demands to be satisfied;

6. Conduct reviews on accounts on regular basis to evaluate clients’ demands and usage of account; determine types of services/products and prices/fees satisfying the clients’ needs as well as the organization’s objectives;

7. Conduct assessments of clients’ credibility and perform billing duties at their requests;

8. Conduct weekly review of promotional activities to enhance the motivation and identify development potential to maximize the profit of the organization and clients’ satisfaction;

9. Receive and answer calls from the clients or client service units in relation to the clients’ requests or questions;

10. Answer the clients’ questions and ensure their problems are resolved; conduct follow-up tasks;

11. Prepare and make report on market analysis, competitor analysis and market trends;

12. Develop and maintain a well-coordinated internal relationship with key decision makers within the organization;

13. Ensure that clients know to use the services and provide assistance if necessary;

14. Manage and provide assistance in managing or maintaining accounts of strategic clients.

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