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You can ref HR materials by links below:


1. HR forecasting.

2. Analyze existing HR of corporate/organizations

3. Build a HR plan for short-term and long-term.

4. Competency mapping

5. HR scorecard

6. HR strategy

7. Job analysis

8. Job descriptions

9. Job specifications

10. Person specification

11. KSA model

12. Job design

13. HR audit

14. HR checklists

15. HR policies.


1. Recruitment

Recruitment methods

Recruitment plan

Recruitment process

Recruitment forms

Recruitment tips

Recruitment KPI

2. Employee selection

Selection process

• 13 Selection methods

Test methods

• 10 Interview methods

Interview process

Interview forms

• Over 1000 sample interview questions

3. Hiring

Hiring process.

Probationary procedure

Hiring forms

New employee training

Induction program


1. Career development

Career planning

Career development

2. Training analysis

Training needs analysis

3. Training methods

Job training methods

Management training methods

Succession planning

4. Training courses management

Course checklists

5. Training procedures

Training process

Integration Training Procedure

6. Training results management

Training effectiveness

Training evaluation


A. Definition of Performance Appraisal:

1. Purpose of performance appraisal

2. Benefits of performance appraisal

3. Problems in performance appraisal

4. Performance appraisal criteria

5. Performance appraisal dictionary

6. Difference between performance appraisal and evaluation?

7. What is Performance improvement plan?

8. Why employees hates performance appraisal?

9. 5 advices on how to evaluate your employee’s performance

B. Objectives of Performance Appraisal

C. Advantages of Performance Appraisal

D. Performance appraisal methods/techniques

1. Critical incident method

2. Weighted checklist method

3. Paired comparison analysis

4. Graphic rating scales

5. Essay Evaluation method

6. Behaviorally anchored rating scales

7. Performance ranking method

8. Management By Objectives (MBO) method

9. 360 degree performance appraisal

10.Forced ranking (forced distribution)

11. Behavioral Observation Scales

You can ref all of them at:

1. 11 performance appraisal methods
2. 360 degree performance appraisal

E. Top 10 Problems in conducting a Performance Appraisal and Solutions

1. Poorly Trained Manager

2. Unaccountability

3. No relation to reward

4. Actual Performance is neglected

5. Irregular Feedback

6. Assessment is not based on data

7. Ineffective Measurement

8. No self-appraisal

9. The managers don’t know the employees

10. Inconsistent Rating Scale:

F. Performance appraisal process

1. Performance appraisal process
2. Performance appraisal interview

G. Performance appraisal forms/templates examples:

Performance appraisal examples.

H. How to improve performance appraisal

1. 5 advices on how to evaluate your employee’s performance

2. Roles of leaders in improving performance appraisal

3. 4 methods to improve performance appraisal

I. Tools for performance appraisal

Key performance indicator examples (KPIs)

Key result areas (KRAs)


Hazard investigation report

Safety compliance questionnaire

Employee accident report

OSH management commitment checklist

Workplace effectiveness checklist

What is Blood-Borne Pathogens Standard?

What is MSDS?

What is OSHA?

First aiders job description

First aid policy

First aid intructions

First aid boxes

Hazard training checklist



1. Employee engagement

2. Work life balance

3. Quality of work life

4. Conflict, bargaining, involvement and well-being

5. Tribunals and arbitration systems

6. Models of bargaining

7. Employee involvement

8. Employee involvement in practice

9. Health and safety

10. Stress

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